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Facebook - Church of God Cental PA's Facebook Page

Christian Book Distributors - A good source for bibles, books, movies and music

Friday, Sunset - Devotional site focusing on the Sabbath

Legacy Institute - Educational, cultural and humanitarian activities, mostly in SE Asia

Lexington Winter Tournament - Seminars, services, sports and more

LifeResource Ministries - Helping congregations and especially their children, to grow

Pleasant Hills Christian Church - Church of God (7th Day) Congregation in Harrisburg, PA

Rick Marks - Music CD - "Music Lasts A Lifetime"

Sowers of the Seed - Delivering information, resources and services to enrich Bible study

The Seventh Day Video Series - Seventh day (Sabbath) history, by the late James Arrabito, 5 videos narrated by Hal Holbrook.

A Faithful Version - FREE DOWNLOADABLE APP AVALABLE FOR YOUR ANDROID or APPLE with audio now! The Original Bible Restored (orginal manuscript order), includes commentary and appendices, with audio reading & search options. (You can buy a hard copy of this Bible from the sponsor, also available for your digital device; PDF, Kindle, & other readers.)

Blue Letter Bible - A good source for all Bible translations & reference books online, all searchable, mobile apps

(Free) Bible Software "The Word" - A very useful Bible program for your PC, excellent features, easy to use, other Bible translations can be added then what comes with the software (see their web site)